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5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent buy, May 27, 2013 By: James Champagne

This review is from: Fidanza 191471 Aluminum Flywheel (Automotive)

Replaced the stock flywheel in my 04 rsx type s while replacing an old clutch. Notice a huge difference in performance the car feels much lighter (in the sense of acceleration) with the new flywheel and there were no problems during or after the installation. All in all a huge improvement over the stock flywheel.


5.0 out of 5 stars Amazing Flywheel, April 30, 2014 By: Jordan Bennefeld

This review is from: Fidanza 191471 Aluminum Flywheel (Automotive)

I installed this along with an Exedy clutch. The clutch helped, but the flywheel is amazing. Makes my car feel lighter and revs a lot faster. No need to downshift when in high gear to get up and go. Definitely recommend this for anyone. Even if you have to replace your clutch like I did, might as well get this flywheel and save on the labor of doing it twice. I heard rumors of possibly stalling out due to it being lighter, it feel different but I haven’t stalled. I have a 09 Civic Si and the weight difference from the stock flywheel is significantly different.


5.0 out of 5 stars Like a whole new car, December 23, 2011 By: Jordan Bennefeld

This review is from: Fidanza 191221 Aluminum SFI Approved Flywheel (Automotive)

This particular model is for the 5th Gen Prelude, and I installed it on my 2000 Prelude SH, along with a (gasp!) stock clutch. At 8.5-ish pounds, I was worried that this would really hamper daily drive-ability, but was pleasantly surprised. The throttle tip-in does take a day or two to get used to, but otherwise it’s the biggest single-part performance gain I’ve ever experienced. First and second gears feel much faster (they are actually somewhat faster, really), but even in high gears it seems like the throttle is more responsive. I have no problems using this in traffic (the clutch was a concession towards this end), though I had to install a short-shifter to keep up with the rpm-drop between gears when I’m free to push the loud petal.If you’ve found this review, you probably searched by part number, as Amazon doesn’t link this with the Prelude at all for some reason. If that’s your car, then this is your part — I’ve only had it a short time, but a friend had one for years — much better made in my opinion than the new-fangled flywheels full of holes.


5.0 out of 5 stars great product, March 17, 2013 By: Tyler

This review is from: Fidanza 191221 Aluminum SFI Approved Flywheel (Automotive)

car runs great after i installed it. revs up much faster and the only problem is that its a little harder to keep if from stalling as revs also drop faster when letting off clutch, however wife is still easily able to drive it so its not a big deal, have yet to really test the difference in acceleration because clutch still isn’t broken in yet but it seems that it would help quite a bit, haven’t had a problem yet other than I didn’t seat my cv axle and had it pop out when i went to test drive it, I now have 250 miles on this and exedy stage 1 clutch no problems…

Mazda 3 Owner

Just a quick follow up: this thing is AWESOME. I have ~250 miles on it and have ripped through the gears a few times, so far. I will do some comparative analysis of before and after with some of my datalogs, but the car is definitely running very well. A little bit of chatter is still audible, but I think my engine mounts just amplify this noise.

Civic Owner

This flywheel was a big improvement over stock. Fairly easy to install. I notices my engines revs up faster and the transition between gears at higher rpms is much smoother, Highly recommended.

Tiburon Owner

I have had this fly wheel in my 03 Tiburon with the 6 speed trans for a couple years (4 i think? ) Its worked great no issue so far. The only reason I didn’t rate it perfect,is because (and i knew this going into it) it is a lighter than stock flywheel and the initial issue I had was it was a lot easier to accidental stall the car out. Chalk it up to getting used to it, but other than that no issue no flaws, would DEFINITELY purchase Fidanza parts again.

Accord Owner

The flywheel was just easy to install but get the transmission out wasn’t! The new flywheel was lighter and instead of a center bushing, the new flywheel had bearings! This causes less friction and frees up even more power! My car is a daily driver with not a lot of modes! I definitely recommend this flywheel as a replacement for the oem!

Miata Owner

Absolutely the best performance addition I’ve made to my vehicle. Less than one-third the weight of my stock flywheel. Rev’s extremely quick. Installation was a snap.Haven’t brought my car back to the track since the installation to verify my performance, but my “seat of the pants” guess is that I’ve dropped a couple of tenths on my 0-60 mph. I am completely satisfied and couldn’t be happier with my purchase.

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